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Data Science School 2022

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The industry interest and adoption of data science continues to grow as it leverages big data to achieve higher levels of business value. During this third edition of Data Science School combined with the fourth edition of Business Intelligence & Semantic Web seminar, participants will learn and put in practice solutions around recent data science concepts, tools, and techniques for data collection, ingestion, transformation, and consolidation.

At the end of the school, the participants should be able to :

  • Understand the main concepts and techniques behind big data frameworks and architectures,
  • Practice machine learning pipelines implementation
  • Use data science tools and systems
  • Practice data visualization tools
  • Use knowledge engineering tools
  • Understand semantic web paradigm.


IT professionals, engineers, consultants, students interested in Data Science and Business Intelligence concepts along with their practices.

Number of expected participants

We estimate about 60 people to attend the school. This number includes the teachers and taking into account the distribution of men and women. Thus, expected participants can be distributed as follows:

  • Senegal: 10
  • Burkina Faso: 4
  • Nigeria: 15
  • Benin: 20

We also receive medical practionners (10) to create collaborations in eHealth domain in Africa. This year, the event is labelised by the French AI Asosciation (AFIA)

Addressed Topics

  1. Introduction to Data Science (Architecture and paradigms)
  2. Cloud-based deployment (Google Cloud Platform)
  3. Data Engineering with NoSQL and data models (graph and column-oriented)
  4. Data Processing with Spark and Hadoop
  5. Deep learning processes parallelization and cluster mapping with TensorFlow
  6. Data Visualization
  7. Methodologies for presenting results
  8. Semantic Web
  9. IoT and data stream
  10. Constraint programming
  11. Big data mining
  12. Knowledge engineering
  13. Knowledge graphs and applications
  14. Linked Data
  15. NLP and AI applications
  16. Personal data in data science
  17. Operational Research and AI
  18. Law or ethics in data science exploitation
  19. Big data and bank loans
  20. Case Studies: Applications on e-health Information Systems


  • Jules Degila (Bénin)
  • Ghislain Atemezing (France)
  • Ratheil Houndji (Bénin)
  • Pélagie Houngue (Bénin)
  • Carlos Ogouyandjou (Bénin)
  • Joël Tossa (Bénin)
  • Hénoc Soude (Bénin)
  • Arnaud Ahouandjinou (Bénin)
  • Sadouanouan Malo (Burkina-Faso)
  • Camara Gaoussou (Sénégal)


This event will be held at the Institut de Mathématiques et de Sciences Physiques (IMSP) Dangbo, Bénin. IMSP image

The details for the remote participation will be shared here in due time.


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The list of the speakers is available here


~~Link to register. Deadline: ** September, 16th, 2022 ** ~~